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Giving your Infinite oppars moustaches since May 14th 2012. Because let's face it, who doesn't love our Infinite oppars with a mo'?

Anyway, hope you enjoy my blog as much i enjoy making these ^^

PS. Feel free to request! (actually, please do ^^)


— semi-hiatus

Hello everyone! (: This blog will be on semi-hiatus for some time because of i’ll be busy and i need to focus on school hahah :
BUUT, i will still try and post every 2-3 days, or just on weekends. 

sunghoe-deactivated20121226 asked : OMGOGMGOMGOMGOMOGMOG HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR BLOG? //SOBBING THIS PERFECTION. dhjefehwidjskaudjfhed I BOW DOWN AT YOUR FEET //SOBBING. YOUR EDITS ARE AWESOME, but you're so gay :') But hey you love me so please don't hurt me. I currently bored with life :)

Jks. Bow down to me forever.