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Giving your Infinite oppars moustaches since May 14th 2012. Because let's face it, who doesn't love our Infinite oppars with a mo'?

Anyway, hope you enjoy my blog as much i enjoy making these ^^

PS. Feel free to request! (actually, please do ^^)


hnguyeen asked : i love your pictures, their so cute & ridiculously funny. nice editing ;)

LOL THANKYOU ;D Glad you like them as much as i like editing them :D

asdsdy asked : I *mustache* you a question! (pff what a lame pun xD) Is it wrong if I'm enjoying this blog a little too much? I was literally laughing out loud at every single post of yours~ Keep it up <3 Love you!

Ahahaha nope, not at all. I laugh every single time i make these xD
And you’re too nice ;________; 

hereispamela asked : BAHAHA, this is so cute.

Thankyou ^_______^

asianheartss asked : Oh.. YOU're AMAZING!

;_____________; thankyou ♥

inspirituallykpop asked : I just wanted to let you know that you can't use photos that have the WOOLLIM copyright on them D; they cannot be taken out of the fancafe. And as much as I love that gyu-stache, you have to take it down D; sorry D; D;

Ahhh okay, thanks for letting me know ^^ I’ll take it down right now :)

inspirituallykpop asked : holycow. thanks for this blog XD

Thanks for following it :D I’m glad you like it ahahahah ^^

koyahikaluvv asked : lol jurii ur funny ;)) nice blog ;DDD

HEHEHEHEH. I think i’m hilarious too :’D 
ISN’T IT JUST??!?!  

xpetrichor asked : This tumblr is just GLORIOUS! XD

Awww thankyou! Glad you like it! :D 

zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u asked : lol wth this is awesome! give someone a goatee~!

Ahahaha thankyou! ^^ 
Okay, i’ll give someone a goatee :D