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Giving your Infinite oppars moustaches since May 14th 2012. Because let's face it, who doesn't love our Infinite oppars with a mo'?

Anyway, hope you enjoy my blog as much i enjoy making these ^^

PS. Feel free to request! (actually, please do ^^)


Ooh, i like that idea :D I shall find/make a coloured version right away 8)

zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u asked : aw sorry to make so many requests. can you make a purple one for hoya and a blue one for dongwoo? (from the chaser era photos)

Ahaha it’s okay :D Of course ^^

zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u asked : /post/24806922785 omg you gave sungjong and dongwoo a white and pink mustache for the BTD photo xD can you make a separate frame of just that one?

Haha it was to match their hair colour :P And sure, posted! :D

zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u asked : can you add a mustache to sungyeol and sungjong when they did troublemaker? a gif from woollim's concert vers would probably be funnier ^^V thanx~

Of course! :D I’ll be glad to ^^

zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u asked : lol wth this is awesome! give someone a goatee~!

Ahahaha thankyou! ^^ 
Okay, i’ll give someone a goatee :D